KT with Kitty Carlisle Hart
KT with Chita Rivera
Firebird Cafe: (from left) Bart Howard, KT,
Steve Downey, Michael and Geoffrey ("the boys")
KT & Heather Sullivan
New Year's Eve 2000
KT and "the lads"
The Sullivans at Teh Algonquin: (L-R) Tim, Robin,
Dad James, Mom Elizabeth, Stacy, Pat,
KT, Heather.
Family Singers (L to R): Tim, Stacy, Elizabeth,
KT, Pat, Robin, Heather
L to R: Annette Warren, Jane Harvey, Monica Lewis,
Kay Starr, Zelda Rubenstein, KT, Mitzi Gaynor,
Virginia O'Brian, Linda Christian
L to R: Bob Daniels, Jane Powell,
KT, Dickie Moore (Jane's Husband)
KT with Larry Woodard and Frank Basile
at La Rivista
The Sullivans with Gloria deHaven
and Rex Reed
KT with Esther Williams
KT with Arthur Pomosello
and late Nancy LaMott
KT with Mark Nadler
KT with Mark Nadler & Fay Wray
KT and bridal party
(clockwise: Terry Burrell, Nell,
Heather, Stacy, Rebecca, Christine
KT and Mark Nadler by Al Hirschfeld
KT with Mark Nadler and Bea Arthur
KT with Mark Nadler and Dudley Moore
KT with Heather and Ken Page
KT with Joanne Beretta, Julie WIlson
and James Keough
David Zippel, KT, Sheldon & Margie Harnick
Tammy Grimes, KT and Joel Vig
KT with Marian Seldes
Tovah Feldshuh, Patricia Neal and KT
Mark Nadler, Arthur Shafman and KT
Mark Nadler, Karen Akers and KT
KT, Frank Basile, Laila Robbins, Lisa Bossner,
Mark Nadler and Celeste Holm
Mark Nadler, KT and Charles Busch
Mark Nadler, Robert LaFosse, director Jack Hoffis, KT
with (in he back) Steve Downey & Valerie Jennings
KT, Joan Rivers and Mark Nadler
Mark Nadler, Phyllis Newman and KT
KT, Mr. Blackwell, Mark Nadler and Stacy Sullivan
Mark Nadler, Richard Sherman and KT
KT with her Dad
Dad, Mom . KT, James Followell, Adela & Larry Elow
Robert Osborne and KT
Marian Seldes, Tommy Tune & KT
Celeste Holm, KT & Joyce Randolph
Jane Fonda & KT