1. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/I Won’t Dance/
Never Gonna Dance
2. Lovely to Look At/The Way You Look Tonight
3. Poor Everybody Else
4. I’m In The Mood for Love/Digga Digga Do
5. Remind Me
6. A Fine Romance
7. Don’t Mention Love to Me
8. Don’t Blame Me
9. Medley: There Must Be Something Better Than Love/
Love is the Reason for It/I’d Rather Wake Up By Myself/
He Had Refinement
10. I’m Way Ahead
11. I Must Have That Man
12. You Wanna Bet/Sweet Charity
13. I’ll Try
14. Growing Pains/Baby, Dream Your Dream
15. On the Sunny Side of the Street
16. If my Friends Could See Me Now/Pick Yourself Up/
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
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In the volumes of the American popular songbook, those classic, timeless standards that have endured through years and years, the list of male lyricists who rank near or at the top for their contributions contains quite a few names. But it's really been more of a boy's club, with only a handful of female wordsmiths having made the same kind of lasting impression. But without question, one woman's creations are the very best of those having come from the fairer sex, and that's Dorothy Fields. With a career that spanned over 40 years, Fields found success both in Hollywood (a 1936 Oscar for The Way You Look Tonight) and on Broadway (a Best Musical Tony for Redhead in 1959), and it was - and is - her amazing combination of sophistication and sensuality that made her lyrics so potent and durable. In A Fine Romance, KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler mine Fields' catalog of over 400 songs to create an electrifying program that is a showcase for the artistry of both Fields and themselves.

With a powerhouse opening medley of I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields' first hit), I Won't Dance and Never Gonna Dance, Sullivan and Nadler set the bar high right at the outset, and they never let it drop. Taking turns going solo and reteaming throughout the hour-long set, the duo offer a glowing portrait of Fields through their rich interpretations of her words - Nadler's tender Lovely to Look At/The Way You Look Tonight, Sullivan's ingeniously slowed-down Poor Everybody Else and slyly seductive Don't Blame Me, Nadler's introspective I'm Way Ahead - and turn the spotlight on just how much fun she had in putting pen to paper - Sullivan's delightfully dizzy There Must Be Something Better Than This/Love Is the Reason For It/I'd Rather Wake Up By Myself/He Had Refinement, the pair's sublime sarcastic A Fine Romance.

With Nadler's simply amazing keyboard creations the only instrumentation backing them, Sullivan and Nadler serve up a hour pure musical magic.

Jeff Rossen
Cabaret Scenes
April 2006